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Belvidere School


Exam Dates 2023 - 2024

Year Group Exam type Exam dates
Year 7 Internal Week Commencing 10th June 2024
Year 8 Internal Week Commencing 29th April 2024
Year 9 Internal Week Commencing 18th March 2024
Year 10 Internal Week Commencing 20th June 2024 (or as soon as the GCSE exams are finished)
Year 11 Mocks 1 Week Commencing 20th November 2023
  Mocks 2 Week Commencing 29th February 2024
Year 11 GCSE May / June 2024

Rules and Regulations

There are some important Rules and Regulations published by the JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) which everyone should familiarise themselves with. These notices are displayed both inside and outside the exam room, but are also available below for you to read in advance.

(It should be noted that ALL watches are now BANNED from the exam room.) 


Exam Boards

The main exam boards used at Belvidere School are AQA, PEARSON and OCR. 

 Subject  Exam Board
 Art - Fine Art / Textiles  OCR
 Business Studies  OCR
 Child Development  OCR
 Citizenship  AQA
 Computer Science  OCR
 Construction  Pearson
 Dance (Performing Arts) BTEC  Pearson 
 Design & Technology   AQA
 Drama  AQA
 Engineering Design  OCR
 Engineering - Systems & Control  OCR
 English Language  AQA
 English Step Up  AQA
 English Literature  AQA
 Food Preparation and Nutrition   AQA
 French   AQA
 German   AQA
 Geography  AQA
 Health & Social Care  OCR
 History   Pearson
 History Entry Level  AQA
 Maths   Pearson
 Maths Entry Level  AQA
 Music - BTEC  Pearson
 Religious Studies   Pearson
 Science - Biology  AQA
 Science - Chemistry  AQA
 Science - Physics  AQA
 Science - Combined   AQA
 Spanish  AQA
 Sport - BTEC  Pearson