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Parent Quotes

I’m very happy with my son’s progress, he enjoys school and loves to learn. I'm very happy with the school and the education he receives. We are so proud of our daughter, her resilience has improved tremendously since being at Belvidere, as has her self-confidence so a HUGE thank you to all staff for helping her achieve this.

My son has had a wonderful school experience at Belvidere - be it theatre trips, excursions to France, visiting the World War 1 trenches, Berlin, Sports Days, the amazing school productions, music performances. The list is seemingly endless. We are very grateful for all of the experiences that Belvidere has offered to him, and we recognise that this is completely above and beyond the important work carried out in the classroom.

I am really enjoying Belvidere. Getting to meet people at the Summer School helped me to feel more confident and we had lots of fun.

We have always found that Belvidere has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and both our children have benefitted from this excellent school.

I’m so grateful for the wonderful teachers at Belvidere and all the time, care and hard work they have invested in my children.

Thank you all again..... Belvidere is an excellent School and we're so pleased that our boys made the choice to spend their Secondary School days with you.

I am looking forward to going to college next year and I feel that Belvidere has prepared me very well for this.

Sincere thanks for all that the school and individual people have done to make both my daughters' school lives mostly joyful, eternally memorable and shaping both their minds and futures in ways we can all only begin to guess at, especially this year with respect for all that you have done for them.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you for your support as a school. I know my children are in a good place in Belvidere and both doing well and that you are working hard as a school to meet all the year groups provision academically and pastorally. Well done to your staff for their hard work and dedication.