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Educational Visits

At Belvidere we offer our students a wide range of residential visits and exciting trips that extend learning beyond the classroom. These include day trips and residential trips in the UK and beyond. There is something on offer for everyone and you will find an overview of the trips and visits we currently offer along with the approximate cost below. Our students and staff always make positive comments about each trip having had a fun educational experience. Examples of our day trips include visits to the theatre, art galleries, places of worship and our annual Year 7 castles trip. 

All of our visits meet the strict Local Authority criteria regarding health, safety and supervision ratios. 

In addition to the residential trips we also offer a wide range of day visits to take learning beyond the classroom. Examples of this are theatre visits, art galleries, places of worship, castles that are linked to the students’ respective houses and sporting fixtures. 

Should you have any queries regarding educational trips and visits please contact our Educational Visits Coordinator, Mrs Pattinson

Covid-19 restrictions mean that the current number of trips on offer is limited. 


Month Trip/Visit   Year group involved     Approx. Cost  
September   House Castles Year 7 £6
October  English Theatre Trip (Blood Brothers) Year 11 £50
November  Cadbury World (Business Studies) Year 10 £20
   Cardingmill Valley (Geography) Year 11 £5
December  Ski Trip (Biannual) Years 7 - 8 £890
January  Viva Languages Manchester University Year 9 £20
February  Berlin Year 11 £500
March  SPET History to Battlefields France & Belgium Year 9 £300
May  Madrid Year 10 £510
   Theatre Trip Years 8 - 9 £210
June  France 4 day trip Year 7 £360
   Duke of Edinburgh Assessed Bronze Expedition   Year 10 £275
   Places of worship Year 9 £8
July  Arthog Year 8 £300
   Chester Zoo  Year 7 £21


Paying for Educational Visits 

Payments are made using our online payment system 'ParentPay'. For residential trips, we normally ask for an initial deposit followed by two further payments. This enables parents/carers to spread the cost of the trip over manageable instalments. 

When paying online, it is very important that electronic consent is also completed and the requested information about your child is provided. 

All out of school activities are covered by an insurance policy that is purchased from the DFE. 

 Belvidere offers an excellent range of trips and visits that enhance my daughter’s learning outside the classroom. There is something on offer for everyone.

The Ski trip was awesome – we had fun every day and the snow was great.  

Berlin was amazing, just the right mix of historical input, cultural awareness and fun…thank you.

The range of experiences on offer outside the classroom at Belvidere has helped my son gain in confidence and experience things with his friends that have made him a much more well-rounded individual.