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Belvidere School

Reading Intervention

It is widely recognised that reading opens the door to achievement. Supporting our students in developing their literacy will lead to improvements across the curriculum. 

As part of our aim to improve the standard of literacy for all students at Belvidere, we run a reading intervention programme. The project allows students to spend time reading in school to an adult or older student. This also provides an opportunity to discuss the reading material which in turn leads to improved comprehension and understanding. 

The project promotes confidence in addition to raising reading ages and provides: 

  • Individual and group reading 
  • Relaxed atmosphere 
  • Varying amounts of intervention, as required 


I've enjoyed reading lots of new books and my reading has improved lots since the beginning of the year. 

I feel more confident in lessons now because my reading has got better.

Before, I could only read books with a little bit of writing on each page. Now I can read much longer, more interesting books.  

I like coming to reading because there are lots of really good books to choose from.  

My reading sessions have helped me learn lots and now I read more at home.