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Student Leadership

We’re excited to have launched Belvidere’s new Student Leadership structure!! All of the roles provide a fantastic opportunity for students to develop leadership skills through getting involved in projects that will bring about positive change. These will be decided by, and driven by Belvidere students and we can’t wait for our school to benefit from their creativity, ideas and enthusiasm!

All of the Student Leadership groups meet on a regular basis, at least half-termly to plan new initiatives and work on projects.

As well identifying opportunities for new projects and initiatives, and leading on these, our Student Leaders help out at key events such as Open Evening. Their role includes many responsibilities, such as welcoming guests to our school, giving tours and carrying out duties to help ensure that the school day runs smoothly. These might involve helping to supervise Year 7 and 8 students in their zone, advising younger students in ‘drop-in’ sessions as well as befriending and mentoring vulnerable students in the Personalised Learning Centre.

We wish the Student Leadership Team well in their new roles!

Student Leadership Update

What has been achieved so far?
  • Prefect, House Captain, Student Year Leader and Head of School involvement in Year 6 to 7 transition – running a celebration afternoon and quiz during our Summer School
  • House Captain-led Year 7 House Teambuilding morning
  • Prefect support in the Year 7 zones, Personalised Learning Centre and Learning Support
  • Launch of the new Literacy Mentor role
  • Student Leader Assembly – launch of new roles and responsibilities to each year group


Coming this half-term:
  • Student Leader support for the Year 7 Settling In Evening and Open Evening
  • Breakfast with the Mayor of Shrewsbury as part of the ‘Our Wider Community – Please Welcome….’ initiative.
  • Shropshire Mental Health Team – meeting with the Wellbeing sub-committee
There will be regular updates on their achievements as the term progresses – watch this space!


Our new team of prefects for 2021-22 has now been appointed and is doing a great job setting a positive example to younger members of the school.
The students took part in a rigorous process to become prefects. They completed a written application, which was considered alongside their behaviour and attendance record, and were then interviewed for the post by their Head of House. It is always inspiring to have so many of our very busy, older students genuinely wanting to give up some of their precious time to help younger students and to act as ambassadors for the school. Belvidere Prefects help out at key events such as Open Evening and are also given duties to help ensure that the school day runs smoothly. These duties involve helping to supervise year 7 and 8 students in their zone; advising younger students at the ‘drop-in’ session in Room 7 as well as befriending and mentoring vulnerable students in the Personalised Learning Centre.
We wish the team well in their new roles!


Madeleine Aiston
Matilda Allen 
Louis Auxant
Matilda Battrick
Polly Bryans
Holly Card
Finnen Cooke
Katie Cruise
Mair Curran
Jasmine Glover
Lucy Harper
Freya Lane
Carys Macmillan
Ellie Mae-Slack
Daria Manole
Tess Mead
Chantelle Nicholas
Libby Owen
Chloe Pawlowski
Roberts Priede
Abbie Randle
Jessica Roberts
Florence Sallin
Olivia Simpson
Isobel Taylor-Hart
Josh Thomas
Sophie Trifinoff
Martha Wigley
Jess Young